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TRX: Rip Trainer Demo And MORE!

We want to show you how different parts of the gym can integrate with each other to help you become a better, more well rounded and physically fit individual.

So we got one of our lovely members Kristen to wear our demo Polar Heart Rate Monitor for Ashley’s Cycle Bootcamp Class and we let Jay Tate, our Fitness Director, set up a special demo for the first half an hour of class.

We split the class in half at the beginning and let Jay  demonstrate how to use the TRX Rip Trainer as well as the TRX Suspension Training system.

The Rip Trainer is a new addition to our facility and it really helps work on your core because at all times your body is resisting rotation.

Here is a Video Link from TRX on the Rip Trainer if you want to check it out yourself.


Jay gave demonstrations of moves at each of the three stations. One for the Rip Trainer, One for TRX and one for Abs. Our participants rotated through each station- doing several different moves in their fifteen minute session while Jay and two other Personal trainers watched and made adjustments to form as necessary.

Kristen had previously tried Personal Training and loved it but she’d taken a break and had never tried the Rip Trainer before. She said she really enjoyed the TRX moves and was surprised by the difficulty of the Rip Trainer.

809 calories burned later!


Thank to the Polar Heart Rate monitor we also learned that Kristen burned 809 calories in her hour long class.

She had no idea her body was capable of burning that much and she enjoyed wearing the heart rate monitor as well as knowing that information.


The Heart Rate Monitors are available for Purchase in the Cafe and we have a stand with the different models as you walk in at the front desk.  If you are interested in TRX or Rip Trainer training schedule your free PT consult with Jay Tate today! Just call (804)364-1200!


AFF Be A Loser 5k!

We are SO proud of our Be A Loser Contestants! This past weekend they completed a 5k at Harry G. Daniel Park off of Iron Bridge Road in Chesterfield.

Our First Place winner was Kevin with a time of just over 22 minutes!

[Sorry Kevin- we didn’t seem to grab a picture 😦 You were just moving too fast! ]

Our First place female was Megan!

All of our contestants did wonderfully- some ran in teams:










Others ran with family:

Some did the solo run:

Some even shaved 15 MINUTES off of their previous 5k time.

The Trainers were either cheerleading and directing the contestants or running alongside them for encouragement.


And we were all so very proud of their accomplishments thus far.

Way to go!

Team Chester!

Team Williamsburg!










Final Weigh-Ins for our Be A Loser contestants is on June 28th, 2012 with our final ceremony on June 30th, 2012.


Goal for the Gold: Finale!

Eight weeks later and here we stand.Everyone worked incredibly hard and the average Body Fat lost was over 3%. That’s a huge adjustment and everyone should be extremely proud of their hard work.

Please congratulate all of our competitors:

From the Front Desk:

  • Erin Cutright
  • Sandy Kuhn
  • Julie Hasinger
  • Cheryl Jones
  • Emily Gerry
  • Cat Juson
  • Aundrea Everett
  • Ashley Wright

From Maintenance:

  • Mike Smith
  • Chris Kenyon

From Membership:

  • Kyle Moneymaker
  • Bryan Lane
  • Al Pribbenow
  • Clinton Howie
  • Ryan Chisholm
  • Jesse Haney

From Kid Zone:

  • Jenny Cutright
  • Amber Haggard
  • Morgan Church
  • Tyla Rae

From Activities:

  • Kerith Rae
  • Gayla Clarke

From Group X:

  • Brett Timpano
  • Ashley Gibbs
  • Shelle Taylor
  • Lauren Reed

From Housekeeping:

  • Wilma Mercedes
  • Ebony Robinson

From Fitness:

  • Jaime McGettigan

Thank you to our dietitian:

Victoria Tate

And thank you to our Trainers:

  • Jay Tate
  • Alex B. Smith
  • Adam Switters
  • Ashley Taylor
  • Ryan Laffoon
  • Monica Michael
  • Naveed Yousafzai
  • Mohammed Al-Tabe
  • Jeremy Bowman
  • Marlo P.
  • Jordan Padgett
  • Cynthia Harp
  • Coach
  • David Neal
  • Elizabeth Whidbee

Our Top Three:

Third Place: Coach and Shelle Taylor (5.8% Body Fat Loss)

Second Place: Jay Tate and Kerith Rae (6.0% Body Fat Loss)

First Place: Ryan Laffoon and Jaime McGettigan (6.7% Body Fat Loss)

Congratulations to everyone who made a change in their lives for the better! We can’t wait to see you in the competition again next year!

Goal for the Gold: The End Result for Two Sisters

8 weeks have passed for both Tyla and I. Eight long weeks of torture and hard work. Of ups and downs. Of bumps and bruises and tears and grunts and more effort then we ever knew we could put forth.

To recap:

When we started 8 weeks ago: Tyla weighed in at 170.4 lbs. and her Body fat was 42.8%.

I weighed: I weighed in at 117 lbs.  and my Body Fat was 23.1%.

Today Tyla Weighed in at  162 lbs. and 37.9 % body fat. So a total lost  of 8 pounds and 4.9% body fat.

And I weighed in at 114 lbs. and 17.1% Body fat- a total loss of  3 pounds and 6% body fat.

Here are our Before and After’s:



And me:



I plan to continue my personal training journey. I have learned a lot about myself and my body and it’s capabilities and I’d like to set some new goals for myself.

I am unbelievably proud of my sister who stuck with it and has seen a change in her body as well. We are both healthier individuals thanks to these past 8 weeks.

Thank you so much to Jay Tate for putting up with me and for helping me get into the shape I am in today. And thank you SO much to Alex B. Smith- who has helped my sister gain confidence and a smile as well as to put her on the path to being a more  healthy individual. I am so grateful for that.

Well West End- check in tomorrow to see the full list of competitors and the winners!And thank you for following our story.

-Kerith and Tyla

Family Health

I read a lot of articles.

Articles on health, nutrition, dieting, fitness, motivation stress-reduction, pain management, gym lifestyles, workout plans etc.

You get the point.

I read a great article today that I want to share with you, it’s 100 ways to get healthy as a family. American Family Fitness truly tries to focus on providing your family healthy activities no matter what the age. We offer the services of a registered dietitian. We have personal trainers, multiple classes, and more equipment then most gyms in Virginia.

I am blatantly stealing the best of the article because I find these items in line with our “Fit As You Want To Be” philosophy. Enjoy.

  1.  Plan an outdoor getaway one weekend a month. (Tips for this winter: Look into Living Social and Groupon deals for Massanutten and Wintergreen weekend day trips.)
  2. Remove yourself from the clean plate club. Let your child dish for themselves (they tend to choose the correct portion sizes for them) or serve small portions and let them ask for more. Never make them clean their plate.
  3. Make dinner a family experience- children who eat dinner with their parents are less likely to drink sodas and twice as likely to consume double the fruits and vegetables. It also helps with mental health and has been linked to decreases in depression, thoughts of suicide, and overall low mental well-being.
  4. Take Classes together: There are a multitude of classes offered that allow parents and children to work out together, look for the highlighted classes on the main schedule by the front desk.
  5. It takes 8-10 times of trying a food before a child decide if he likes it or not. Keep re-introducing foods to your picky eaters.
  6. Make chores fun- use a timer, play music and dance along or incorporate a race theme.
  7. Workout with a sibling- chances are you will lose more weight if you work out together.
  8. Go on an exercise date with your partner- plan a class, or outdoor activity together and enjoy a good workout and the time together.
  9. YES YOU DO HAVE TIME TO WORKOUT. Sorry for the yelling- but this is necessary. MAKE the time. Schedule it. Make your health a priority and everything else falls into place.

I hope this list helps in time for the Holidays and your New Year resolutions!

An Apple a Day

I love fall. It’s my favorite season. It’s the time of the year that items like Pumpkin Pie come out and leaves change to my favorite colors of flame red and burnt orange. Scarves come out, fall boots and fashion accessories fill up the stores, homes start to smell like firewood and apple cider.

Fall is just awesome.

I know everyone’s plates are feeling full and like there is just way too much to do in the fall. But keep in mind that exercise and nutrition should be top priorities in your lives. One statement I love is “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Fall is the perfect time for apples.  Apple recipes dominate the blogosphere, apple cider is brewed in batches, apples are cut for daily snacks and lunchboxes and lastly- they are picked as a way to celebrate the outdoors, time with a loved one and the great experience of seeing where your food comes from.

I know that Richmond boasts several fantastic Berry Farms and pumpkin patches and hayride events. And I am not knocking any of them. I am however suggesting widening your day trip to include the gorgeous views of Charlottesville.

Carter Mountain Orchard is owned by the Chiles Family and is a huge apple picking operation with a grand view of the mountains. Not only do they allow you to apple pick but there is also a berry farm, a farmers market, a country store and a small restaurant. They have events planned through December and are very easy to both get to and get in touch with if you have questions. Or got to their website at:

Also currently through the month of October- every weekend they have the Apple Harvest Celebration.

Take some time for yourself and spend some time in the great outdoors or enjoy it with family. Have fresh pressed apple cider, Hayrides, and apple picking. Hear live bands, eat Apple Butter, and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

And then come in and tell me all about it.