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Motivation101: Haters Gonna Hate

As your social media gal- I spend a considerable amount of time searching for imagery to help motivate and lift you up on a daily basis. I enjoy the current advertising campaigns from Nike and Under Armour-  I love how encouraging they are of every person and body type.

I also follow several fitness blogs.

And of course- Pinterest.

Recently, however, I have noticed a disturbing trend on these sites.  People are constantly making snarky comments about a person’s weight loss journey or success stories.

“There’s no way that’s real- PHOTOSHOP!”

“Ugh please- like anyone could lose that much weight. Liposuction.”

“Please- if I had the money I’d look like that too- 90% plastic.”

It’s unbelievable to me how hard hearted we have become towards people who have done the hard work! Instead of celebrating the success, we degrade others to make ourselves feel better.

But does it? Does hating someone for success make you any better? Healthier? Skinnier? Funnier? Friendlier?

No. Jealousy does nothing but fester like a sore, keeping your from your goals.  And it does nothing for the person who has spent months working on themselves and their self-esteem to see and hear these comments.

Our lovely Livia -before

Livia After losing over 60 lbs. and completing a MARATHON!











We have multiple success stories at the gym. Individuals who have lost shocking amounts in weight and inches. Who have had their body fat go from scary to fitness-guru. Members who have gone from housewives- to instructors in the best shape of their lives.

We have SO much to celebrate. Every person who walks through those doors is defying the overwhelming epidemic of obesity affecting our nation.  They are putting in the work. Whether it be on the cardio machine or pumping iron in the weight room. Maybe they are doing partner training with their best friend and seeing results.

We have a responsibility to be congratulatory to everyone we see making a difference in their lives. We need to cheer on those who have distances yet to go to their goals.  We need to be nice.

And we need to ignore the haters.


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