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Personal Training: Working it out with PT Matt Gammon

Well ladies and gentleman- We have a the cream of the crop when it comes to new Personal Trainers in our facility!

I have been lucky enough to work out with these new trainers so that I can inform you about their styles.
Matt gave me a great workout in a 45 minute time period, he was no-nonsense, encouraging and most of all -fun. And as you will see- I was SWEATING.

We started with a dynamic warm-up before heading to the PT area to get started.

We began with single leg deadlifts. I still have issues with these- my balance isn’t perfect and I am definitely weaker on my left leg then my right. Matt was kind and encouraging and gave me some pointers on how to better correct my form and perform the exercise correctly.

From there we went straight into dumbbell squats. Which believe it or not- I haven’t done before. These were probably my favorite exercise of the whole set- I could REALLY feel it and I felt great doing it. Matt made sure my toes were pointed forward and my form was perfect before I even went through my first rep.

Next we had hamstring curls using the physio ball- a move I have finally gotten the hang of. The best tip Matt gave me is to really keep your core tight so that you don’t wobble off the ball.

Finally we did back extensions- again using the physio ball. It’s amazing how much you don’t utilize your lower back until you have to work it. And then you realize it’s there and it is not happy with you.

And then A LAP! In under a minute and five seconds. Matt was waiting at the end of the lap with a high five and a “Great job!”

Then we repeated this three times.
When I was thoroughly out of breath Matt decided to add more torture to the list with abs.

He gave me four ab exercises to complete:

1) Ball curls. Where you put your hands in the plank position and curl the ball towards you using your shins/toes. Basically- pray you don’t land on your face.

2) Russian twists. I have done these before in Joe’s ab class- but Matt corrected my form so that my hips weren’t rotating as well and I am a lot more sore for it.

3) Ball crunches- another Joe’s abs favorite but still a  good one. 20 correct crunches later and I was starting to feel worn out.

4) Medicine ball twists. WITH A TWIST. I had to hold the medicine ball tight between my knees with my feet parallel to the ground while I twisted my torso. OW. And WOW. What a great exercise.

Of course he made me repeat it.

At the end of our workout I was tired and sweaty and encouraged. I really like how Matt explained what the exercises were working and how to make it more effective for myself.

Matt is knowledgeable, friendly and an invested Personal Trainer. He want’s to see you succeed as much, if not more than, you want to succeed for yourself. I highly suggest calling Jay Tate to book a PT consult with Matt- especially if you are looking for someone to keep you on task and motivated. (804) 364-1200- make that call TODAY.


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