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Sweat Equity: Working out with PT Jeremy Lester

I told Jeremy I was going to call this post sweat equity. Because you get what you pay for in a workout with him in pure sweat.

Jeremy- as many of you know- has been a familiar front desk face for some time while working on his PT certification. As an avid workout junky himself, Personal Training was the natural way to go.

We started with a quick two lap warm-up. Jeremy knows me and knows I workout fairly often so I felt fairly confident going into this workout.

From our warm-up he asked me a quick question, I let him know I had minor knee issues we agreed to have a good workout and off we went.

We started with Ski jumps while holding an 8 lb. medicine ball for a minute of time. A LOOONNNG Minute that first round since I was still a little out of breath from my sprint around the track.


After Ski Jumps we headed over to the PT area to work on dumbbell presses and deadlifts using the bar. Jeremy tried to start me off with 25 lb. dumbbells, after I finished laughing I pointed to my puny arms and told him to at least start me off with 15 lbs.

With the deadlifts I used an alternating hand grip- something I hadn’t done before and the feeling was surprisingly different.

Then Jeremy asked me how long could I hold a plank.

I looked at him like he had lost his mind and he laughed and said we’d start at 1 minute. And although it was a long minute, it was easily achievable. He was extremely encouraging and made sure I held correct form the entire time.

We started our next circuit off with burpees. I hate burpees more than I hate push-ups. And that is saying something. My first few I managed to spring off the ground like a gazelle. As the minute wore down I was limping my way back to a standing position. But Jeremy kept encouraging me and telling me to push hard and finish strong.

Our round continued with fly’s and squats and what I like to call the devils triceps.  Jeremy was great in explaining the difference of where my arms should be on the fly exercise, what I should feel and correcting me until I got it exactly right before he would start counting.

He checked my squat form first before allowing me to use the weighted bar and after our first set where I over-estimated how much weight I could comfortably handle, we adjusted and he pushed me through more reps . I felt confident and like I had REALLY pushed myself.


The Tricep trio involved a set of waist width tricep dips, then a set of arms spread far out on the bench and then finishing with a diamond shape, arms close together- to reach all areas of your triceps. They sucked- but in a good way, you immediately knew it was working something.


I asked Jeremy what moves would best tone inner thighs. I mean come on, it’s summer and we all have work to do. He told me that weighted sumo squats really tone your inner thighs and glutes and he had me try a set so I could get comfortable with the feeling.

Then he grabbed the foam rollers and told me that our hour long session was over. And he foam rolled along side of me so that I did it correctly.

Working out with Jeremy was a great experience.  He was on task, knowledgeable and he really made me work. He had an explanation for my questions that made sense in layman’s terms and he was upbeat and encouraging the entire time.  You couldn’t ask for a more positive experience.


If you want to workout with Jeremy contact Jay Tate at (804)364-1200 and schedule a PT consult today. But hurry- I have a feeling Jeremy’s schedule is going to get pretty full, pretty quickly.



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