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TRX: Rip Trainer Demo And MORE!

We want to show you how different parts of the gym can integrate with each other to help you become a better, more well rounded and physically fit individual.

So we got one of our lovely members Kristen to wear our demo Polar Heart Rate Monitor for Ashley’s Cycle Bootcamp Class and we let Jay Tate, our Fitness Director, set up a special demo for the first half an hour of class.

We split the class in half at the beginning and let Jay  demonstrate how to use the TRX Rip Trainer as well as the TRX Suspension Training system.

The Rip Trainer is a new addition to our facility and it really helps work on your core because at all times your body is resisting rotation.

Here is a Video Link from TRX on the Rip Trainer if you want to check it out yourself.


Jay gave demonstrations of moves at each of the three stations. One for the Rip Trainer, One for TRX and one for Abs. Our participants rotated through each station- doing several different moves in their fifteen minute session while Jay and two other Personal trainers watched and made adjustments to form as necessary.

Kristen had previously tried Personal Training and loved it but she’d taken a break and had never tried the Rip Trainer before. She said she really enjoyed the TRX moves and was surprised by the difficulty of the Rip Trainer.

809 calories burned later!


Thank to the Polar Heart Rate monitor we also learned that Kristen burned 809 calories in her hour long class.

She had no idea her body was capable of burning that much and she enjoyed wearing the heart rate monitor as well as knowing that information.


The Heart Rate Monitors are available for Purchase in the Cafe and we have a stand with the different models as you walk in at the front desk.  If you are interested in TRX or Rip Trainer training schedule your free PT consult with Jay Tate today! Just call (804)364-1200!

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